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We collect some useful informations on the current released versions of EpiTools and EpiTools for icy. For more live feedback on our current development workflow, please refer to our Issue manager:

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Release Notes - EpiTools Core System - Version Version 2 stable


  • [ECS-23] - Parfor issue for versions prior to 2013b
  • [ECS-29] - ImproveContrast does not support Sandboxing
  • [ECS-88] - Tracking GUI is broken from Command Line
  • [ECS-118] - Test segmentation breaks the modules to follow
  • [ECS-127] - Open Analysis does not recognize wrong XML files and throws error
  • [ECS-133] - imshow does not handle gif files
  • [ECS-137] - Error while evaluating uimenu Callback
  • [ECS-138] - Cannot generate skeletons in version 2
  • [ECS-140] - Segmentation step stopped with Error
  • [ECS-141] - Left sidebar main GUI is incorrectly rendered on retina display and small laptop displays
  • [ECS-145] - Built-in registration method does not provide valuable outputs
  • [ECS-147] - Delete tracks in tracking module produces inconsistent results when selected from keyboard than when selected from toolbar
  • [ECS-148] - Tracking interface is does not show correctly on low resolution screens


  • [ECS-24] - Missing Flexibility between steps
  • [ECS-43] - Integration sub windows in main window

New Feature

  • [ECS-45] - Auto-updates
  • [ECS-46] - Pipeline execution
  • [ECS-52] - Capability of analyzing single Z or T samples
  • [ECS-54] - Comparative mode for parameter evaluation
  • [ECS-100] - Unfolding tissue
  • [ECS-101] - Submit analysis file and log reports to remote machine collector
  • [ECS-112] - Add a Trial button to Projection like for Segmentation
  • [ECS-125] - Client-Server Daemon: Socket to instantiate communication between Server and Client instances
  • [ECS-136] - Implementing procedures for toolbar controls in dataexplorer_imageview.m
  • [ECS-139] - Implement universal function for loading images during module execution
  • [ECS-149] - Hold on specific function during manual tracking correction


  • [ECS-35] - Swiss made software certification
  • [ECS-42] - Discuss common header for all files

Release Notes - EpiTools Core System - Version Version 1 stable


  • [ECS-93] - Delete orphan tracks (white seeds found on image frame)
  • [ECS-114] - Define unique licence file associated to user
  • [ECS-115] - Create webpage to generate licence files and track users
  • [ECS-116] - Add disclaimer stating a NDA between EpiTools developers and Users
  • [ECS-117] - Preparing launchers
  • [ECS-121] - Add value in userpreferences.xml + add value in initiator script

Technical task

  • [ECS-97] - Tracks quality assessment through histogram representation


  • [ECS-9] - Time frames allocation
  • [ECS-10] - Bug in update values stored in uicontrols of FilePropertiesGUI.m
  • [ECS-12] - Error on closing EpiTools main window
  • [ECS-13] - Error when aborting new analysis menu on 2012b
  • [ECS-14] - Error when generating new meta file on Image Load launch on 2012b (debug in ppm is active)
  • [ECS-15] - strsplit is not supported by Matlab < R2013a
  • [ECS-17] - location saving ILabel
  • [ECS-18] - Actions menu items order
  • [ECS-19] - [Modules] CLAHE analysis step: result visualisation
  • [ECS-36] - Skelton creation is not working
  • [ECS-38] - Suppress warning
  • [ECS-39] - Update Clahe Figure Results After Accept/Discard decision
  • [ECS-40] - Analysis XML file is saved without integer index
  • [ECS-47] - Polygonal Crop is not integrated in Pipeline
  • [ECS-50] - Projection comparison produces error when accepting/discarding sandbox results
  • [ECS-73] - Log2Dev crashes due to call to embedded function @exists with a bad argument
  • [ECS-74] - Delete track (function invoked pressing "k" during tracking) crashes miserably
  • [ECS-75] - Tracking interface generates @drawnow() error
  • [ECS-76] - Error on closing EpiTools main GUI
  • [ECS-77] - Response time slider listener in tracking GUI retains manual correction labels
  • [ECS-78] - Save tracking session does not work when in whole view mode
  • [ECS-82] - Change URL Module GUIs to point to new wiki location
  • [ECS-84] - Initial LOG file in main directory is not deleted after copy to analysis folder
  • [ECS-85] - Error in retrieving xlim in @TrackingGUIwOldOK
  • [ECS-94] - Processor list in FilePropertiesGUI is associated to a function callback
  • [ECS-98] - delabelMode does not change its default values: will this code be executed?
  • [ECS-106] - EpiTools Crashes When User selects folder with no images
  • [ECS-113] - strsplit & strjoin are not supported before 2013a
  • [ECS-119] - Windows BAT launcher is still not working on Windows Platforms
  • [ECS-120] - Add ICY path to user preference file instead of analysis settings


  • [ECS-4] - Bug in Segmentation
  • [ECS-16] - Main window layout
  • [ECS-25] - Image Contrast needs further parametrization
  • [ECS-37] - Results of skeletonization settings object are many
  • [ECS-57] - Improvements for TrackingGUI
  • [ECS-102] - Main Image on Wiki home has a weird color scheme for segmentation image
  • [ECS-104] - Add Figure titles to debug figures in Projection Module
  • [ECS-105] - User cannot see images in initial image folder selection
  • [ECS-107] - GUIs on other platforms
  • [ECS-108] - clahe integration into segmentation

New Feature

  • [ECS-7] - DataSpecifics - limitations
  • [ECS-20] - [GUI] @FileProperties allows the user to modify critical analysis parameters
  • [ECS-21] - Better documentation of Settings Class
  • [ECS-22] - [PROC] Missing correction step
  • [ECS-79] - Tools panel in tracking interface
  • [ECS-80] - Automatic local minimum finder for seed positioning during manual tracking
  • [ECS-99] - Activate single frame images analysis


  • [ECS-5] - Type casting (uint8 uint16)
  • [ECS-31] - Create project readme file for EpiTools 0.1
  • [ECS-32] - Re-enable testing environment
  • [ECS-33] - Re-Segmentation Capability
  • [ECS-34] - Recall analysis modules guis from JTree
  • [ECS-55] - Minimal GUI for skeleton creation
  • [ECS-56] - Add Parameter Descriptions
  • [ECS-58] - Minimal GUI for PolygonCrop
  • [ECS-81] - Compiling C functions for windows platform x64
  • [ECS-83] - Change Logging default before release
  • [ECS-86] - Redefining segmentation & tracking methods: cell seeds and labels are stored as pixel maps.
  • [ECS-95] - Software distribution and deployment
  • [ECS-103] - Add information about how to interlink icy and EpiTools
  • [ECS-109] - Adapt parameter ranges
  • [ECS-110] - Add more image file masks
  • [ECS-111] - Compile for Linux platform

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